Paintings of People:

Modern Women

Drawing and painting people has always been my first love. I love to portray the human form in varied situations.


These paintings are part of a series depicting strong, independent, modern women who are at ease with themselves.

The women are contented and relaxed in their situation, not requiring any other stimulus to entertain them, or any other person to define their place in this world.



Oil on Canvas 12"x12"

White Sunglasses

Oil on Canvas 12"x12"


Lady with Amaryllis

Oil on Canvas 12"x12"


Cool Blonde 1

Oil on Canvas 12"x12"


Sea View

Oil on Canvas 12"x12"


Looking out to Sea thumbnail Engrossed  1-thumb a White Sunglasses a-thumb Lady with Amaryllis-thumb Cool Blonde 1-thumb IMG_1672aa

Lunch on the Beach

Oil on Canvas 12"x12"



Such Hard Work

Oil on Canvas 12"x12"


Yellow Bikini thumb

Yellow Bikini

Oil on Canvas 12" x 12"


Cool Blonde 2 thumb

Cool Blonde 2

Oil on Canvas 12" x 12"




A Working From Home d a Phoning Home c a Writing Home a

Phoning Home

Oil on Canvas 12" x 12"

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